Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Ahoiii apps and services are developed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

No personal information from children is collected
Ahoiii does not collect any personal information from children.
In order to have In-App-Purchase functionality Unity forces us to activate the analytics framework. But no data-points are specified and no data is collected.

No ads
Ahoiii apps do not have any third party ads.

No integration with social media sites
Ahoiii apps do not contain any integration with Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites or services.

No Internet connection required
Ahoiii apps do not require an internet connection to work but some apps may try to access the internet to send and receive small amounts of data if you have an internet connection.

No push notifications
Ahoiii apps do not contain push notifications.

More Information about the use of Data using Unity Analytics can be found here:

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