„Cute graphic, nice music
– only a few kids apps are such as wonderful.“

– Brigitte Mom

Fiete …

… lives on a cozy island with a lighthouse. But from time to time he grabs his boat and invites all the kids to join him discovering the world.

… is a good friend

that you like to have around you and on whom you can rely on.

… a curious traveller

Fiete does not just sit there and wiggles. He travels and shows the beauty of the world.

… is a funny guy

It never gets boring with him. The reason for that is the right portion of humor.


What we do …

It all started with our own kids. We made the first Fiete app mostly for them. But when we published Fiete in the App Store other parents saw it and said they wanted more apps like this. So we founded Ahoiii…


Children like nice things. So we always try hard to make our products as beautiful as possible.


We want to make things that kids love. They should feel good while playing our apps.


When you pay for something you want to get a good product. We work this way. No tricks behind.

The people say

„My 3 year old loves this game. She asks everyday if she can „help Fiete“. It’s a great kids app. No in app purchase or ads. Very well done. Thank you for making an engaging, well designed and kid friendly app!!“
— anbacon (USA)

„Five stars app“
„Fiete is such a lovely character, we’ll be buying the poster for our son’s bedroom. It’s important to give your kids quality, well designed content instead of free advertising-based apps. No problems downloading the app.“
 — C4RL054321 (UK)

“Beautiful and clever“
„This is our type of app. The illustrations are gorgeous, the app is easy to play and fun. There is nothing cheap and bad quality about it. Love it and recommend it.“
— Ajliibee (AUS)

„The kids are hooked“
„My 7 yr olds love this game. I love the different matching pairs to choose from, things that are related, math concepts, etc. great little app!“
— craftyashley (USA)

„At last!“
„My kid is going to be over the moon! There are five things he does everyday – Eat, Drink, Poop, sleep and Fiete.“
— Dandyhighwayman77 (UK)

“Fantastic products! Great Fiete apps! Keep up the good work!“
— Christopher (SE)

The press says

„Cute graphic, nice music – only a few kids apps are such as wonderful.“
— Brigitte Mom (GER)
„By solving daily problems the motoric abilities and the combination skills of the smallest will be trained  in a playful way.“
„This game is perfect for the little ones and I bet their parents are playing Fiete secretly when the kids are in bed.“
— Milk Magazine (FR)
„Beautiful illustrations and sounds cleverly engage children in 12 easy to play games, in this farm themed app.“
— Childrens Tech Review (USA)
„The background music is darling and subtile, which becomes extra important after the app has been open awhile. :) We loved this beautiful app and highly recommend it for a long flight or a lazy Saturday morning.“
— Design Mom (USA)
„This app is a fantastic app for developing cognitive skills and logical thinking. (…) The sounds and background noise to the app have been done with an outstanding quality and thought.“
— Educational App Store (UK)

18+ Awards


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Fiete feels not only at home on digital devices. We made lovely Fiete posters that fit perfectly into your kids‘ room. Not to forget the stickers and postcards.

We’ve already published 7 amazing picture- and activity books. Your children will love them. At the moment we’re working on a TV-series about Fiete and his adventures.


For licensing or wholesale inquiries mail us: shop@ahoiii.com

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for your kids.



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